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Profiles of Consulting Engagement Experience


  • Assessment & Improvement of Business Processes
    This agency is a leading community-based drop-out prevention organization helping children stay in school and graduate. The objective of this engagement was to evaluate the intake process for a new program, and make recommendations for improvement. The primary recommendations were related to client communications, such as: answer incoming client phone calls, instead of requiring a voicemail message and having a staff member return the call later; and revising the assessment forms to reduce duplication, more closely align with data entry, and allow applicants to fill out more themselves. Other recommendations included collecting and tracking errors/omissions on forms submitted (to identify and correct root causes), and re-deploying interns to activities more directly supporting the professional staff.


  • Organization Restructuring Business Process Improvement
    After conducting an organizational and operational review for a growing mental health center, B. Green field & Associates continued to work with agency personnel to revamp organization structures, streamline paperwork flows, and develop processes for better receivables management. Specific accomplishments include developing a future organization model for the agency, geared toward meeting the changing needs of the client population; reorganizing the clerical staff and the way they function, resulting in more timely and efficient handling of the workload and fewer errors; revamping the filing system, eliminating non-value-added steps from the process and reducing the frequency of files needed and not found; and reengineering data entry processes achieving significant reduction in staff time and effort.


  • Compensation Program & Performance Appraisal SystemStrategic Planning Workshops
    This agency experienced major growth from new program additions. The incoming Executive Director wanted to develop a structured, comprehensive salary program covering a wide variety of positions, both “old” and “new.” The primary salary issue was internal equity, and building consensus was an important aspect of the study. There was substantive participation by employees and the Board of Directors. A subsequent project involved working with agency personnel to develop a related performance appraisal system.In addition, B. Greenfield & Associates conducted several workshops as part of the Agency’s strategic planning process. Agency management, Board, and staff participated in these sessions, which helped them to articulate and clarify their mission, goals and objectives.


  • Business Process Improvement
    The purpose of this engagement was to identify potential improvements in the organizational and operational structures in the National Office of this fraternal organization, and assist in implementing the recommendations. The comprehensive project scope included the Council (the governing body, all volunteers). Cabinet (field volunteers), and Executive Offices (paid staff), with significant participation by persons in these groups. Recommendations included organization restructuring at several levels, increased use of paid staff instead of volunteers (who were becoming more challenging to recruit and manage), better use of computer and telecommunications technology (particularly for traveling personnel), and process flow improvements in many financial and operational functions.


  • Operational Planning & Management
    B. Green field & Associates was retained by the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Office of Consumer Services, as a general business consultant for the Shining Reflections Tea Room, a restaurant in East Liverpool operated by consumers of mental health services. The assignment included support in operations (staffing, restaurant layout, scheduling), budgeting and financial analysis, marketing, and computer systems.


  • Administrative Organization Analysis
    This agency is a not-for-profit treatment center serving children and their families who are experiencing a range of adjustment and emotional problems. The scope of the engagement was to provide support to the management team in analyzing the organization structure, with particular emphasis on centralizing various functions to form an administrative services unit. An alternative structure was developed, highlighting the issues and opportunities related to implementing the proposed changes.


  • Facility Relocation Planning
    As part of the United Way’s Management Assistance Program, B. Greenfield & Associates assisted this agency in planning to relocate to a different building. The primary focus was the storage and usage of program materials, supplies, and files, with the objectives of optimizing space utilization and improving the sharing of common files to reduce duplication.


  • Economic Impact Assessment
    This project involved developing analytical models to assess the economic impact of expanding facilities of this prominent science and industry museum. The results were used by management in presentations to government/community leaders and interest groups. Subsequent consulting involvement was serving as an interface between the accounting firm that conducted the initial study and another firm selected to update the projections.


  • Computer Systems Design & Development
    This assignment was to design and implement computer systems for billing and budgeting/financial planning, as part of a comprehensive accounting systems replacement initiative by this not-for-profit organization. Software program development and user training were included as well.

* Bruce Greenfield participated in this project as an employee of Coopers & Lybrand or KMG Main Hurdman